Plastic Aprons


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  • PACK OF 100 APRONS, Perfect for Arts and Crafts, Painting, Cooking, Washing and more. Waterproof, Spill-proof – One Size fits all.
  • CONVENIENT – Conveniently dispensed from a box, this design allows users to pull out one apron at a time. This ensures your aprons remain compactly stored and untouched prior to use.
  • LONG TIES – This full-sized apron has extra long ties to accommodate every individual’s comfort preferences.
  • DISPOSABLE – Unlike thick fabric aprons, this apron is disposable for quick cleanup, minimizing machine washing expenses.
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Plastic Aprons in white or clear;  These disposable aprons meet FDA guidelines for food handling. This 2 mil polyethylene apron is a handy addition to any cafeteria, deli, or restaurant. Our poly aprons are a convenient option for food service professionals, who are working with raw meat and fish, slicing deli products, or even cleaning with harsh chemicals.

Weight 96 oz

White, Clear

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